Golden retriever puppies nearing three weeks

Can’t believe how quickly the pups are growing — almost three weeks old! Here are a couple more photos of the puppies. If you aren’t already following them on Facebook, be sure to friend “Bella Floden” (the dog) so you can see video of the puppies as they grow, too.


We do have a couple golden retriever male puppies that have not yet been spoken for, so we continue looking for a couple more good homes.


Bella is starting to space out her feedings a little more with them now. They have all become very efficient nursers. And as a result, our children have been able to “play” with the puppies much more. Today I found the kids and puppies altogether on the dining room floor, puppies squiggling and crawling about. Some snoozing, some being held. Bella watching on nearby, taking a break. When it was time to nurse, she would show up and the kids announced it was time for the “milk bar” and would line them up, one by one for Bella to nurse! I’m sure this was all the brain child of our 9-year-old. Quite amusing. Ah well, tomorrow things will be quieter for Bella and puppies with the kids at school for the day!

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