Fun Show 2017

Fun Dog Show!

The girls practiced up at the 4-H Fun Show in rally, obedience and conformation Sunday. They enjoyed a potluck and a costume show as well. Brielle, who is pictured wearing the striped pants working with Bella, took first in her age group for “Human Agility.”

You may notice in the photos that Bella is getting considerably plump. She has an ultrasound scheduled August 7 to confirm pregnancy. I am beginning to think it may be pointless to confirm as she appears to really be showing and already doing the pregnant waddle. This is definitely different from the last time around, so things are looking very promising so far. 🙂  That, or she swallowed a watermelon…

Tori, pictured in the blue tank, is showing Scout. And Jasmine, pictured in the black shirt, is working with T-Rex. The dogs love getting into the suburban for their 45-minute drive to training night each Sunday!

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