Pups due August 24, Ready October 18

IMG_20170621_195356134Potential for a dual sire litter this time around with Bella and T-Rex and Scout! A dual sire litter is a litter bred with two males. While a pup can only have one father, a litter can have more than one male father. The pups will undergo a simple cheek swab test shortly after birth to collect cells that will undergo DNA analysis through the American Kennel Club prior to registration to determine which male fathers each puppy.

So far we have a tie with T-Rex and Bella. This is a repeat breeding for them and pups from prior litters are reportedly doing well.

Scout is a son to T-Rex, and he would offer some new lines through his dam Firesides Crossfire’s Shooter greats such as Canadian Triple CH FTCH AFTCH OTCH Firemark’s Push Comes to Shove Can. WCX  Am. *** OS and AFC AFTCH Rosehill’s Mr Speaker MH OS CCA FDHF to pedigree.

–Why a dual sire litter?

We have a deposit from someone who really wants the possibility of a pup from T-Rex and Bella. We are also considering a pup from these two, or from Bella and Scout. She is six years old, and rather have her go through two pregnancies to see what kind of puppies she could produce from each sire separately, this is an opportunity to potentially have pups from each father with less stress on Bella of having two litters and less recovery time to boot. Sometimes the health of the dam is just more important than producing puppies every year. By producing one litter by the two sires we are considering for a pup, we have an opportunity to compare the pups side by side within the same environment as we make our choice.

Another bonus is if our older male happened to not be as fertile, we could have more chance of a litter with a second male.

The potential downside? When you’re breeding three dogs instead of two… More testing! More upfront cost to ensure infections like brucellosis are avoided in all dogs, all dogs are DNA tested (puppies too), and AKC charges the breeder $200 more for litter registration.

To learn more about this upcoming litters, please visit http://www.flodenfarm.com

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