Bella goes into heat

The news of Bella going into heat again is exciting and very much awaited since the last breeding we attempted resulted in a false pregnancy.

A dilemma we have is that T-Rex’s son, Scout, has just turned two years old today and would be an excellent prospect to stud should we be able to get his hip and elbows clear by the time Bella would be in standing heat. Scout brings some new genetics on his maternal side, Can. Triple Champion “Push” in particular. Then there’s Bart, Ditto, Bro, Speaker, Rugby, Rudy and Cotton all in his first five generations.

Pairing those with what I have with Bella would really seem exciting with what she brings alone to the mix – a QAA mother and siblings, AFC Paws, Trek, Boomer and more…

So for now we plan her breeding with T-Rex. He just sired a litter of 11 with another female. Should we get word that Scout’s clearances are spectacular by the time Bella is standing, however, things may change.

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