Pups went outside

With it being a “warmer” day here in Minnesota just a little above 20 degrees, I decided to let the pups roam outside a little. Of course, no photo here because I was changing their bedding at the time! The girls kept an eye on the pups and their parents. They said Bella was instructing the pups on hunting technique already. lol

They weren’t out real long, but definitely enjoyed the change of scenery and exploring what snow is all about!

Will take more photos soon. Seems like whenever I want to snap a photo it is late in the evening and the pups are sleeping! Let a sleeping puppy lie, right?

Pups have been eating “mush” for about a week in addition to nursing. I added some dry food last night to the mix and quite a few are starting to eat that. Their teeth are coming in full force now, so I think they like the counter-pressure on their teeth.



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